SCHOOL Program



What is it?

The H-A-P-P-Ē School program is a custom designed learning experience for your school. It will deliver weekly mental, social, and emotional lessons based on proven science to your students. 

The cornerstone of the H-A-P-P-É Program is a video series titled Mission I’m-Possible. The video series is provided digitally to the students via text or email each week during the school year followed by two check-ins that same week to reinforce the lesson.  These check-ins are customizable to your needs, which allow a safe and secure way to monitor a student’s well-being. The cloud- based technology delivers them at specific, scheduled times each week and does not require a log-in or password. 

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Each 1-minute video will reinforce the behavioral elements of the H-A-P-P-É Program through the use of a mindset coach and a weekly challenge. Students will be presented with an opportunity to accomplish one of the following core components of the program:

  • Mental exercises to become more mentally fit.
  • Social skill development to learn how to be comfortable in various interactions and communications
    with others.
  • Improvement in emotional intelligence to learn how their feelings matter, which will impact all of
    their relationships.

Thrive (gothrive.io) our digital platform partner delivers the lessons through cutting-edge technology that is HIPAA and FERPA  compliant

The School Program

Many schools typically teach students about facts, figures, formulas and fitness – the physical kind – but what about mental fitness? Most people would support the notion that physical fitness in general leads to better physical health so it would only seem logical to infer that mental fitness would lead to better mental health.

The H-A-P-P-Ē program was designed to address the growing concern for mental health that can have devastating effects if left unchecked by providing fun, interactive fitness activities to help build a cognitive foundation of strength and resilience resulting
in healthier individuals.

The H-A-P-P-Ē program creates an environment where students and teachers feel appreciated, valued and want to contribute.

The program is based on the tenets of positive and energy psychology, the research on happiness from Harvard University, the clinically proven work on appreciation and lastly a hybrid of classical and operant psychological conditioning to insure sustainability of the program.

A brief synopsis of the mental wellness/wellbeing program and what participants will experience consists of:


H – Happiness research conducted at Harvard University proved the equation for productivity and success was broken.  articipants learn the simple 5 steps how to remedy the problem while increasing productivity and the likelihood of success.

A – Appreciation for a person’s primary language to feel valued. Each participant will identify her/his own language and learn how to effectively communicate it.

P – Positivity based activity will be experienced by the participants in a physical way that will eliminate any negative energy and can be fostered throughout the organization.

P – Proactive processes will be introduced to keep the participant motivated to consistently apply the learning.

Ē – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a very effective self-applied modality that
reduces anxiety, stress and other emotional issues, working on both real and imagined
stressors while significantly increasing positive emotions, self-esteem and reslience.


Live your best

HAPPĒ life