The HAPPÉ Challenge was created to help children and adults find happiness in their everyday lives. The secret is that it’s not a secret or far off idea at all – HAPPÉ teaches you to reshape the way you think to control your happiness and experiences of life every single day. We believe that children and adults have the power to reshape their lives if they invest in getting to know how their brains work and how to control them. Our “method” to helping you find happiness is in our name! Here’s what the H-A-P-P-É challenge is all about!

Children and adults can find happiness if they invest in getting to know how their brains work and how to control them.

The Name of the Game


The foundation of our program and its goal is happiness. Everyone’s definition of happiness is different. It’s not static either; it changes with time! Ask your child what it means to them and you might hear them say it means playing or having fun, things that are more short-term. Think back to your definition at age 20, you might have said to have a good-paying job where you don’t have to worry about the bills. Now, it might be to raise healthy, happy children. For some reason, as we mature, happiness becomes more of an end goal rather than a daily experience (i.e., if I’m productive, I’ll be happy). With the HAPPÉ Challenge, participants will learn 5 simple steps to prioritize happiness first, which leads to productivity and success later, not the other way around.

Your interactions with others shape how you find happiness and share it with others.


Happiness isn’t contained and created in a single person – it’s spread. Your interactions with others shape your happiness and how you share it with others. Appreciation and gratitude are powerful tools to help you realize happy moments that can fly right past you. Through the HAPPÉ Challenge, each participant will identify their own “language of appreciation” and learn how to effectively communicate it to find happiness.


We believe in the power of positivity! In fact, we were founded on it. Did you know that your brain “at positive” performs better than at negative, neutral, or stressed? It makes us more creative, more energetic, more intelligent, and more productive – 31% more productive to be exact. Remember what we said about happiness first, productivity later? Positivity is the missing link! Activities in the HAPPÉ Challenge are based around sharing and sparking positivity in yourself and others. This can even be taught to children to help them to see and spread the good, and grow into more productive and healthier adults.


Our programs are designed to help you find happiness in between lessons and even after the program ends. Proactive processes will be introduced throughout the program to keep the participant motivated to consistently apply the learning. Because what good is it if you’re only exercising your brain while you’re doing the program?


Lastly, our “E” stands for EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT, also referred to as Tapping, is an evidence-based stress relief and anxiety management technique that uses the body’s pressure points to help calm us down. HAPPÉ cofounder Dr. Peta Stapleton is one of the world’s leading researchers in clinical EFT and has created a Tapping Program for children and adults to manage overwhelming feelings to help us think more clearly. When we feel like we’re drowning in emotions and stress, it’s hard to think straight and make the best decision. With EFT Tapping, a non-invasive, easy-to-use technique, we can take control of our minds even in distressing situations.

Finding and Sharing Happiness

The beauty in HAPPÉ is that it is meant to be a force of change for others as well. Parents, children, teachers, and classmates can all participate in the HAPPÉ programs. We challenge adults to our 21-day program to find happiness. Each day, we challenge you to follow 5 practices: exercise, meditation, random acts of kindness, gratitude, and journaling. For children, we’ve developed Mission I’m Possible, a fun and engaging “mission” that harnesses the powers of positivity and play. Missions provide opportunities for parents to play with their children while helping them to build social and emotional skills.

Yes, each letter in HAPPÉ has a significant meaning and purpose that all surmounts to finding happiness. What underlies each letter is our mission: to help children and adults find happiness and fulfillment in their day to day lives. Happiness is not a finish line, it’s the entire journey!
If you have questions about the HAPPÉ Program, including Mission I’m Possible and Tapping, check out our website, visit us on social media, or reach out to us directly. We’re here to help you live your best H-A-P-P-É life!