Tapping Can Improve Well-being

As you know, Tapping can have a profound effect on psychological well-being, and if you’re struggling in some way or another at the moment, please review our study on how it can help and check out the video below to begin today.

Effects of EFT Tapping

We now have over 50 Randomized Controlled Trials (this is the gold standard type of research) studying the effectiveness of EFT Tapping. I have spent over 15 years conducting trial on EFT for food, weight and body image struggles, but if we look at the effect on mental health, here?s what we find

What is Effect Size?


When scientists research an intervention, be it a new medication, program, or type of therapy, they like to look at not only if it works, but also how well it works. Here?s how effect sizes work:

  • 0 to 0.3 is a small effect size ? it shows the intervention makes a little difference
  • 0.3 to 0.6 is a moderate effect size ? it shows the intervention makes a more meaningful difference
  • 0.6 and above is a large effect size ? it shows the intervention makes a big difference and the outcomes are LESS likely due to chance

As you can see above, the effect of EFT Tapping for psychological concerns has effect sizes WAY over 1, indicating the intervention is having a profound impact on those symptoms. You can read those actual papers here.

What is Tapping?