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You Deserve To Be H-A-P-P-Ē!

What is H-A-P-P-Ē?

H-A-P-P-Ē stands for Happiness, Appreciation , Positivity , Proactivity and Engagement.

Using these principles, Dr. John Beiter has developed 3 in depth training programs:

  • The Profressional Program. A 3 month mobile program offering weekly micro-lessons. Learn more
  • The School Program. A custom designed training program for students offering weekly micro-lessons. Learn More
  • The Principled Leadership Program.  A 3 month digital coaching program.

Are you H-A-P-P-Ē ?

Find out by taking the happiness challenge. A 21-day digital coaching program using cognitive technology to support the research-proven habits that make us happy.

Featured Programs

We offer two custom made programs to get you started on your way to a happy life! We offer a Professional Program for business and working professionals and a School program for teachers and students that is guaranteed to help you succeed.

Professional Program

The solution is simple, scientifically based and easy to implement with lasting,
sustainable results!

The H-A-P-P-Ē program addresses the top 5 reasons and more to bring about long-term changes – creating an environment where employees feel appreciated, valued and want to contribute.

School program

The H-A-P-P-Ē program was designed to address the social and emotional health and well-being along with the growing concern for mental health that can have devastating effects if left unchecked by providing evidence-based fun, interactive fitness activities to help build a cognitive foundation of strength and resilience resulting in healthier individuals.

The H-A-P-P-Ē program creates an environment where students
and teachers feel appreciated, valued and want to contribute.

About John

My name is Dr. John Beiter and I have successfully worked with Fortune 500 Companies for over 10 years, training top executives to reach higher levels of professional, and PERSONAL, satisfaction than they had ever imagined possible. By asking critical thinking questions, I’ll become your “thinking” partner for support and guidance in dealing with complex people issues, creating new thought patterns for dynamic leadership.

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Learn more about the H-A-P-P-Ē program!

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Our first Digital Pilot Partner in Australia!

We ran a pilot of the H.A.P.P.E program at our school on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. There were two teachers sharing a class, which worked quite nicely. We had eight students directly involved, with the rest of the class indirectly involved through the teachers engaging them in the classroom. This ran for four weeks with some improvement in attitudes and appreciation by the conclusion. The students really enjoyed the interactive videos and 90-second micro activities delivered each week. This program would be invaluable through a more embedded pathway for the whole year in line with the Habits of Mind we are currently developing here at school through our High Expectations Performance Culture Committee. Thank you Dr. John Beiter of H.A.P.P.E Life, and Danielle of Thrive for the opportunity of being able to work with you both and we look forward to an ongoing collaboration next year.


“I had the pleasure to have Dr. John Beiter facilitate a workshop for my leadership team. The participants in this evidence-based program had measurable and sustainable improvements in all aspects of their leadership effectiveness and well-being. John did a masterful job of designing and leading us through a process of discovery and planning with a number of scientifically proven, yet practical strategies for each individual. The content was relevant with activities that helped solidify the learning. Every participant expressed they enjoyed the presentations, and felt they were leaving with knowledge and tools they could put to use right away. The results included higher productivity, improved teamwork and increased job satisfaction. These results were sustainable and strengthened by John’s commitment to provide the team with weekly-customized communications that lasted over six months.”

J.H. – President, Fortune 500 Retail

“I have been with the same Fortune 500 company for 38 years and have been in Leadership for over 35 years. With that said I have been to many leadership seminars and been exposed to many presenters and Leadership coaches and I have never had anyone continue to lead the team on our success journey and keep in contact with everyone for over six months. His passion for helping others be successful in a positive way is contagious! – Thank you”

V.P. Of Ops


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